Izabelle's Family

Bio: My name is William and I am the non biological father of Izabelle. My wife, Teresa, had Izabelle on December 11th 2008 which happened to be her birthday as well! Our daughter has Down Syndrome & even though some may have pity on her, she amazes us everyday with her kindness, generosity, & compassion for others. I stepped into the picture when she was only six months old. I met her mother at work when she was a night audit agent at a hotel & I worked valet. Izabelle's biological father bailed on them before she was born because he didn't want to take care of someone with a disability so Teresa decided to go it alone. Fast forward four years or so and me and Teresa got married, January 12th 2014 to be exact! Now we are continuing our new adventure moving to Austin TX so that means selling our house and me transferring schools, I currently am taking classes at ITT Tech for my associates in network systems administration. That all for now and we look forward to sharing more of our lives with you daily and hearing back from everyone who enjoys this blog of ours.

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